Millfall & Earthen Dam

Millfall Dam

In 2018, after years of planning, MRPC rehabilitated the Millfall Dam.  The old dam, built in 1904 and expanded in 1928, consisted of two stoplog bays and two overflow weir sections. It had deteriorated to the point where leakage was sever and the complete failure of some sections was possible. 

The new dam was designed by CIMA+ and constructed by Ross & Anglin. Construction was completed in November of 2018. The rehabilitated dam consists of 6 stop log bays, each between 6 and 7 metres wide. A walkway and gantry on the upstream side of the dam, creates a safe and easy environment for staff to remove logs as necessary in the Spring. 

Earthen Dam

Similar to the Millfall Dam, the Earthen Dam had been deteriorating for years and leakage was becoming significant. The dam was privately owned and MRPC had to first acquire ownership in order to repair and subsequently maintain the dam. 

Ownership was acquired by MRPC and the dam was rehabilitated at the same time as the Millfall Dam. Construction was completed in November of 2018. 

The new dam has a concrete wall core and it anchored to the bedrock beneath. There is one stoplog bay and a small gantry for log-lifting. 

The top of the dam will soon be opened to the public once the Mill Worker’s Staircase has been installed. This will become an extension of the popular Riverwalk, and connect the island to the Ottawa Valley Rail Trail.