Lower Falls Redevelopment Project

The Mississippi River Power Corp. (MRPC) is moving ahead with its project to construct a new 5 Megawatt Generating Station in Almonte. MRPC owns the generating assets of the former Almonte Hydro and is wholly-owned by the Town of Mississippi Mills.

The existing EcoLogo-certified station will be used as a water intake facility and all equipment will be removed. The turbines will be re-used in the new station, connected to new and larger generators. The project is expected to generate in excess of 19 million Kilowatt hours of green power in an average year (versus 11 million with present operation).

After seven years of studies, permit applications, public consultations, design work, engineering, planning, and plenty of hard work, the Board of the Mississippi River Power Corp. is pleased to announce that construction of the new Almonte Generating Station will commence in July of 2008.

After receiving multiple bids, the Board awarded the General Contract to M. Sullivan & Son Ltd. (Arnprior). Site mobilization by M. Sullivan & Son is scheduled to take place in the coming days. Suppliers for equipment have been selected, including local firm – Canadian Hydro Components.

Over the next nine months, construction will be underway in the Metcalfe Geoheritage Park area, which is downstream from the existing MRPC Generating Station and abutting the bay at the Park. Normal access to these areas will be restricted for public safety reasons. Other impacts to the immediate area will include, at times, higher than average flows down the North Channel of the Mississippi River including the falls by Millfall Condominiums and high truck traffic.

With an ever-growing demand for cleaner energy sources, and a premium attached to these sources, MRPC seized the opportunity to extend its use of the renewable resource (the natural flow of the Mississippi River). By locating the new station downstream, the annual output of the Generating Station will nearly double. Every kilowatt produced by way of a renewable resource, such a this, means one less kilowatt required from coal-fired or nuclear-powered generating stations. Due to the recognized importance of renewable energy, Provincial and Federal incentives are available to encourage new development. To this end, the Ontario Power Authority has awarded MRPC a Standard Offer Contract, guaranteeing a premium rate on all power produced through the new station, for 20 years.

Once complete, this project will be a benefit to the Town of Mississippi Mills. It will help make Mississippi Mills a more sustainable community, given that all profits from MRPC go directly to the Town (and are invested in the water & sewer infrastructure). The completed site will be tourist-friendly, with displays and learning tools (with a focus on history), and easier site access (tied in with the RiverWalk).

Press Release presented by the Board of Directors of Mississippi River Power Corp.: President Des Houston, Secretary/Treasurer John Fraser, Director Bill Chapman, Director Paul Virgin, and Councilor Garry Dalgity.

For more information, contact;

Scott Newton
Operations Manager
Mississsippi River Power Corp.
Tel: (613)256-2403
Email: mrpc@mississippiriverpower.com