About Us

Formerly part of Almonte Hydro, Mississippi River Power Corp. is a relatively new corporation, formed as a consequence of Bill 35 (The Electricity Competition Act), which stated that all publically owned utilities in Ontario must separate the generation function of the utility from the wires function.

Mississippi River Power Corp. owns and operates the Brian J. Gallagher Generating Station on the lower falls in Almonte.

The sole shareholder of MRPC is the Corporation of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills. As the sole shareholder, the Municipality appoints a Board of Directors, including a representative of Council, to guide the company and make operational and financial decisions.


Sole Shareholder

Corporation of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills


Board of Directors

Adrian Foster (President)

David Goldsmith (Vice-President)

Lyman Gardiner (Treasurer)

Christa Lowry

Patrick McNeil

Tim O’Connell

General Manager

Scott J. Newton (Secretary)