It’s official: Coal is kaput in Ontario

On April 8th, the Thunder Bay Generating Station burned its last lump of coal marking the end of an era in Ontario. Thunder Bay was the last of the province’s five dirty coal-fired generating stations to close. Nanticoke, formerly the largest coal-fired power plant in North America, was closed in … Read more

Nuke pursuit anything but PowerWise

— Article from by David Suzuki — As Canada’s industrial centre, Ontario needs a lot of electricity. At one time, it got most of this power from water-driven turbines, hence the name Ontario Hydro. But the name has changed to the Ontario Power Authority, an indication of the province’s … Read more

Lower Falls Redevelopment Project

The Mississippi River Power Corp. (MRPC) is moving ahead with its project to construct a new 5 Megawatt Generating Station in Almonte. MRPC owns the generating assets of the former Almonte Hydro and is wholly-owned by the Town of Mississippi Mills. The existing EcoLogo-certified station will be used as a … Read more